It is has been reported that 94% of cannabis farms are located in domestic premises

This is a very concerning statistic for housing providers all over the UK

Crime Stoppers want us to work with them to protect your property

Cannabis cultivation not only affects our wider communities but, in particular, those vulnerable individuals within society who are exploited into carrying out this labour intensive and illegal activity on behalf of organised gangs.

Vulnerable tenants may even become victims of something know as ‘cuckooing’.  This is the act of criminals targeting a vulnerable tenant to gain entry into their home to set up a cannabis farm.

Crimestoppers feel passionately  about tackling drub related crimes and want us to  understand how to spot the signs of commercial cannabis cultivation, so that we can give crucial information 100% anonymously, to help shut down these illegal farms

DO YOU suspect your property is being used to grow cannabis? Ask yourself the below questions:

  • Does your tenant wish to pay cash up front for the tenancy?
  • Are your tenants reluctant to have any inspections of the property?
  • Is mould, condensation and excess humidity visible from outside the property?
  • Have they installed extra security measures which may seem excessive including additional locks and bars on windows?
  • Have neighbours made any complaints surrounding noise or light?
  • Have windows and vents been sealed or blocked to prevent both heat in the property and the smell of cannabis escaping?
  • Have there been any complaints about disruptive visitors to the property late at night or at other odd times in the day?

What are the risks if you don’t take action?

The consequences for landlords, in both financial and legal terms, can be catastrophic. In addition to the financial cost, landlord could also face prosecution themselves.

Landlords who have fallen victim to this type of criminal activity have reported extensive damage to their properties including:

  • Costly damage to ceilings and walls, which have been knocked through, including floorboards regularly being ripped out
  • Fire and explosives, posing a real risk to neighbouring properties
  • Commonly if the premises was ‘furnished’ any furniture provided is found beyond repair, or missing upon eviction
  • Severe water damage throughout the property due to the humidity
  • Damaged or even ripped out wiring, requiring costly repair
  • Evidence that the electric meters have been bypassed

In addition to the financial cost, the landlord could also face prosecution themselves if they fail to take action and/or report concerns around the property being used to grow cannabis.

You can remain anonymous and contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or go to

Tell them and stay safe

Calls or online information can’t be tracked or traced. The only person who knows you contacted Crimestoppers will be you.

No police.  No witness statements. No courts

Crimestoppers.  100% anonymous.  Always.