When selling your home there is so much going on, however it is very important to take specific steps before you place your property onto the market.

There are many reasons for this, it’s very important to get into the detail and for example ascertain can you afford to move due to all the related costs?, is your home that you have kind of fallen out of love with ready for the market? Ultimately you shouldn’t just place your property willy-nilly onto the market because you want to move, a considerable degree of planning should be involved such as “what will prospective buyers think of my home?”.

This is why it is very important to pre plan selling your home, walk around your home to look for rooms that feel a bit neglected or lacking in light, rectify these areas before placing your property on the market. If major repairs are required then it is wise to have these fixed, or get quotes from local contractors to ascertain how much it will cost, then get your Estate Agent to negotiate with buyers on your behalf. The more information your Estate Agent has, the more they can help you.

All of the above as a matter of course at Rosewood Property we work with you on all these aspects, our Property Consultants will walk around your home with you and advise accordingly. Conclusively, this will all help to sell your home in a shorter period and more importantly achieve a better asking price.

To help you understand the whole process we have compiled an informative, descriptive Rosewood Property Guide to selling your home for your perusal which will give you the up-to-date tips and knowledge of the transaction from working out finance through to completion.

If you prefer to discuss this with one of our local property experts and book a valuation please call us on 01392 247700.

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