Whether you are new to renting or an experienced tenant searching for your next home our mission is to find that home for you that you are searching for, tailoring it to suit your requirements and time constraints.

There is so much involved in renting a property, credit checks, inventories to sign, deposits to pay and procedures to follow, not forgetting it’s hard to find a place at the present with the buoyant market and a lack of properties out there!

Most importantly when renting you have to make yourself look attractive to landlords or rental agents, it is very important to acknowledge any bad credit history, CCJ’s etc as this will always be found! If you are up front with your rental agent / landlord they can ultimately acknowledge your honesty and more than likely in most cases accept it due to the current climate. Hiding from these red marks on your file are ultimately going to give both Landlords and rental agents a red flag.

Be polite to who you are looking to rent from, it will pay dividends in the future if you have a problem with the apartment or house you are renting. Ultimately you want a good relationship with your rental agent / Landlord as they are more likely to help you and leave you alone if they know you’re a great tenant. There are pluses and minuses renting from Landlords direct, however if a rental agent has installed you into the property they may or may not be able to give you some advice. Renting from an Agent / Agency gives you the peace of mind that 24/7 if you have a problem you can report it straight away to the agency via telephone or via an app, this is what happens when renting through Rosewood Property.

To help you understand some of the process we have compiled an informative, descriptive Rosewood Property Tenants Guide for your perusal which will give you some of the knowledge of the things to consider and look out for when renting.

If you prefer to discuss this and or register with Rosewood Property then please feel free to speak with one of our local property experts by calling us on 01392 247700 .

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