If your whole property is let on a joint tenancy, then these requirements do not apply to you. However, as the information provided could be useful in saving lives, there is nothing to stop you also providing it. 

The new safety regulations applies to properties:

•     Split into at least two premises; and 

•     There are communal parts through which residents must pass to exit the building. 

•     As a result, if you are the responsible person for a house in multiple occupation and you let the property by the room, then you are caught by some of the information requirements, though the requirements are relatively minimal.

•     If you own a property where there is a shop on one floor and a residential premises on the second floor this regulation will apply to the common parts. 

The new rules require the ‘responsible person’ to provide fire safety instructions to occupants, including tenants. This is in addition to the requirements already under the Regularity Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

The Fire Safety Instructions you need to ensure your tenants have and are displayed include:

•     The evacuation strategy for the building (e.g. stay put or simultaneous evacuation)

•     Instructions on how to report a fire (e.g. use of 999 or 112, correct address to give to the fire and rescue service, etc.)

•     Any other instructions that tell residents what they must do when a fire has occurred

If these regulations do apply to you and you are not already aware of what you need to do then please get in touch and I will gladly help.  I do have a useful template that covers the above Instructions.