With more and more people obliged to rent long term these days, as a tenant it should not stop you from making your house your home. While you are a tenant why not make the space your own? Let the property mirror your character by putting your personal stamp on the interiors. Always check with your landlord or agent prior to undertaking anything, certainly anything colour changing or bigger reworks but as a general rule most are more than happy for you to get comfortable and make yourself at home. It shows you are a responsible, house proud tenant who is respectful of the property and indicates how long you plan on staying. Read on for some handy hints on achieving chic and stylish interiors which does not necessarily mean breaking the bank.  Do consider when doing anything the effect it will have on your deposit return though, again best check with your landlord or agent and get the response in writing.  Once you have the green light….

1. Choose a Theme…..Whether it be a colour scheme or an ambience, if you are choosing a theme try to be consistent. For example if you want to achieve a nautical idea, ensure you adapt this throughout the entire property or maybe just a room. A piece of driftwood art may look slightly out of keeping if surrounded by shabby chic!

2. Removable Wallpaper…….Create a feature wall by adding removable wallpaper for instant appeal and ease when it comes to taking it down. This is readily accessible in most home departments and can add buckets of style to any room, or even the insides of wardrobes and cupboards for a modern twist?

3. Throw on a Throw…….  Design your own snugly den with comfy textiles and soft furnishings. Scatter cushions throughout and even add to your theme with colours or setting a tone. The same applies to rugs, great for added colour and character as well as protecting your landlord’s carpet and your deposit!

4. Storage Solutions…… Make your storage part of your style by thinking through how you can keep your belongings in a space saving manner. Whether it be investing in an ottoman for those larger items or filling shelves with trinket boxes, storage does not have to be dull, plenty of sensibly priced retailers to help you choose your style.

5. Flower and Foliage…….Plants are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are also good for emotional wellbeing. Brighten up a dark corner with some greenery or a make a hallway or table welcoming with a seasonal bouquet.  Foliage is a relatively inexpensive way to beautify your home.