Yes ‘jobs for the boys’ was a comment directed at me recently when trying to explain to Mr Potential Landlord (new to letting) that I would not be able to market his property without an EPC, moreover if that EPC resulted in a rating any less than an ‘E’ he would not be able to rent it without considering recommendations to improve the rating.  This was the start of a few tricky conversations, but Mr Potential Landlord is now Mr Landlord having been guided through what was needed step by step starting with quoting the Government guidance (not Letting Agent Guidance) which in brief is:

  • Regulations require that a valid EPC is in place in order to market and let a property. Ratings show an efficiency rating of A-G (A being the best). In regard rental the property would have to have a rating of E or higher (regulation since April 2018) or register one of the permitted exemptions on the PRS Exemption Register.register on the PRS exemption register.
  • An EPC is valid for 10 years and can be reused as many times as required so for Mr Landlord, he only pays the EPC fee every 10 years
  • Helpfully the Certificates include recommendations on how to improve the rating and potential costs

In the first instance getting an EPC is easy, if you have an agent, we offer access to an Assessor we regularly use and work with.  If you prefer you can go online and find one, there is a list of accredited assessors who work in your area.  Fees vary for this but less that £150.  The assessor visits and the reports are usually ready the next day and they upload it to the Government Register which is for Public viewing although you can apply for it to be private for whatever reason you might have.

Easy peasy, it’s done and if you have a good score you are fit to go