Plenty of clients try and sell an empty home due to personal circumstances, a bereavement in the family or because they have had to relocate for work purposes. The majority of these homes stay on the market for some time as empty places for buyers have no feeling, not to forget buyers cannot visualise where to place their belongings in an empty home – there is a reason why developers always have a show home!

What can you do to help yourself in this scenario?

Well for example instead of moving all of your furniture out you should at least keep the reception space furnished, bedrooms I would ideally like to see beds, however this is not massively important it is the reception room space that is the most important part. Also it would be wise to place some bright flowers around the house too, these don’t have to be fresh they can be artificial. Something also to think of if you remove everything from the house it really shows up everything and I mean everything! Anything room that requires work will be heighted in its full glory – so be careful, it’s very important to look at the detail. That’s why it’s also wise to have a plan, refresh walls with paint that look a little bit neglected it will freshen up the room considerably and more importantly help you to sell!

Now that the interior has furnishings we also have to make sure we pay close attention to the outside. The outside and front is classified as the kerb side appeal, a neglected garden at the front can seriously affect prospective buyers even wanting to walk through the front door and it generally conjures up an expectation, simply if the front garden is shocking so must the rest of the house be. Therefore, make sure you look at this area too, it’s better to place the house on the market a month later than anticipated just to make sure everything is correct and helping you to sell.

If you want to discuss selling an empty home please contact our team on 01392 247700, we would be happy to help and can go further into the details in relation to your specific property you are trying to sell or about to place on the market.