With ever increasing new legislation and regulations running a ‘rentals business’ whether individual property or portfolio is hard work and often worrying (have I covered everything, am I fully compliant?) it’s easy to see why some landlords are leaving the sector.  However, recent Surveys have shown that although around 14% of landlords are reducing their portfolio or leaving, the same proportion are in/re-investing in the sector which is re-assuring for us all and for the 1,000’s of tenants needing homes.  However the demand still far outweighs the supply and is still impacting on rent prices, which is good for landlords in either renting out to new tenants or considering rent increases (covered in my December Newsletter). 

Investing wisely in a rental home is still a good move, albeit a challenge with getting your head around everything from finding the right home in a ‘rentable’ location to conducting all the right checks on tenants, ensuring property compliance and onward management.  Keep Calm and Carry on Letting